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How to Comment

After each post, there is a comment box. Just click it and leave your critique, approval, proposals to what the author wrote. No login is required.

Create an analytical Tool

A Tool is a post published in the Catalogue of Tools. It can be an already established, well known method of musical analysis. Or you can invent one.

The forum’s criteria for a Tool are:
– Is described in a short text of simple words
– Includes the use of audio examples
– Focuses on hearing analysis of instrumental/electronic pieces (or excludes text/lyrics from analysis)

Apply a Tool / Write an article

On the Workbench, Tools from the Catalogue are applied. Here, the analysis happens. The Tools can be used to one’s own purpose, in long articles or short, simple applications. Just drop the name or a link of the Tool(s) you use in your article.

The copyright of the article of course belongs to you.

So to take part: (not required for comments)

1. Contact us via mail (maurohertig ( at)gmail.com) We will add you to the list of authors.
2. Create a WordPress Account / Log into WordPress. Write your new post on the Forum of Applied Abstraction.
3. Use „Workbench“ or „Catalogue of Tools“ as category of your post, depending on what you write about.
4. Publish the post!

For help or questions on posting, don’t hesitate to write us.

How to include an excerpt from a Youtube Video into your text

You can embed whole Youtube Videos or Souncloud tracks simply by inserting the link into your text.

If you want to show only an excerpt from a Youtube video, go to the „visual“ WordPress mode.

Insert the url (link) of the video. Add [#start=] plus the number of seconds into the piece where you want your excerpt to start. Then, also add [&end=] plus where the excerpt should end.

Example: (without the brackets)

Which will appear and sound like that:

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