About the Forum

The Forum of Applied Abstraction (FAA) is a blog/forum to gather and discuss articles and tools of musical analysis. Its focus lies on instrumental and electronic music.

The forum consists of two main areas: The Catalogue of Tools and the Workbench. In the Catalogue of Tools, tools of analysis are created, gathered and sharpened. In the Workbench section, those tools are applied to music and included into articles.

The Forum is open for everyone to comment and write articles. Words are the main components of discussion. Audio excerpts from other platforms (Youtube, Soundcloud etc) are deeply integrated into it.

For general critique or questions concerning the forum, there is a comment space further down this page.


Legal Announcement

Despite careful control, we are not responsible for the contents or reliability of any other websites to which we provide a link. If your music is part of an article and you think that it is not correctly declared, let us know. We will change it according to your request.

This site is for musical analysis and discourse purposes only. We don’t do any business with it. For any enquiry concerning the forum, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Contact: maurohertig ( at) gmail.com


Main page illustrations by Jonas Hertig

Copyright of every article belongs to its respective author

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